Orphan Franchise

For better or worse, the backbone of any long-term league is the commitment of players, and sometimes that will result in what classified as Orphan Franchises.  An Orphan Franchise is a franchise that an owner has decided to (or is forced to – see Disclaimer section) abandon their team for a variety of reasons; from general dissatisfaction to financial limitations.  All efforts will be made by the FFIC to address these vacancies before a league’s Filler Draft in order to ensure all league activities can commence as scheduled, and to help ensure no further franchise abandonment through competitive disadvantages.

New owners can participate in all aspects of the FFIC and will make any necessary decision regarding roster adjustments in order to keep the franchise compliant with FFIC offseason rules.  Although in-season orphans are rare, the FFIC will do its best to find a replacement owner within one week of the franchise being abandoned.  In the instance that a replacement cannot be found immediately mid-season, the FFIC Commissioner will ensure that active/compliant rosters are still being updated for these franchises until a time where a new owner has been found.  This will include only the starting of active rosters.  No in-season trades may be completed with Orphan Franchises and add/drop moves will only be completed in order to provide a compliant starting roster using the player with the highest point total.

In the instance where a franchise becomes an Orphan Franchise after keepers have been designated, and before the Filler Draft has taken place, the new franchise owner will be given the option to either use the keeper designations of the previous owner or submit their own keeper designations off of the franchise’s full roster (does not apply to Dynasty).

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