Entry Fees

Before getting into this discussion I want to provide a little background on myself. I’ve been an avid fantasy football player since 2000 and have acted in the role of Commissioner for most of that time. I like to consider myself to be very familiar with the highs and lows that come with a variety of different leagues, as well as the desires of fantasy players.

I like to be as upfront and transparent as possible when it comes to Entry Fees. All participants of the FFIC will be asked to pay entry fees prior to drafting. I am aware that when I sit here and inform people that there will be a fee to play in the FFIC without any payout for winning, there will be many who will immediately pass on the idea.

Unfortunately, when using such a wide variety of league types, the need will arise to run a league on a paid website. Experienced players will understand the customization differences between a free website like Yahoo/Sleeper and a paid website like MyFantasyLeague. In the creation of the FFIC, I have done my best to minimize the use of paid websites in order to keep the entry fee at a minimum, but I will not compromise the design of a league type in order to fit it into a free website.

At this time, out of the 19 available league types in the FFIC, there is one that will require the use of a paid website; Slam’s World. Slam’s World is set up on MyFantasyLeague (MFL), which has a league fee of $60 (This is the early purchase cost of $70 minus the multiple league discount that MFL offers of $10). The Slam’s World league is one of the three long-term leagues that will be used annually for the FFIC.

This means every season players will be required to pay $5 annually to participate ($60 MFL fee/12 Teams). Since the FFIC is a long-term challenge it is required that participants show their commitment by covering initial fees for years one and two. Moving forward entry fees will be collected on June 1st of every year and failure to pay will result in replacement. If a participant decides to trade future draft picks they will be required to prepay the entry fee for those future years. 100% of the entry fees paid by the participants are used to pay for the use of league websites. If an FFIC league does not fill, all entry fees will be 100% returned.

Future variations of the FFIC may alter participant buy-in and offer a prize structure, but at this time the FFIC will be run using only the fees I’ve set forward here. If there is any interest in starting a FFIC variation feel free to reach out to me via Twitter or email.

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