League Drafts

The time investment needed to complete 12 league drafts can seem daunting. As such league drafts will be broken up into two days in addition to ongoing email drafts.

Due to the significant roster size (and therefore draft length) of the Slam’s World and Dynasty league start-ups as well as the Traditional IDP league, these will be completed as ’email’ drafts. These drafts will start at 10 am EST on the designated date (see schedule page). Each pick will be subject to an 8 hour timer with no overnight suspension. If a person times out twice they will be set to auto-draft. The pick timer will be shortened as the start of the NFL season approaches using the following schedule:

  • Starting at the kick-off of Preseason Week 1 the timer will be reduced to 3 hours per pick.
  • Starting at the kick-off of Preseason Week 2 the timer will be reduced to 2 hours per pick.
  • Starting at the kick-off of Preseason Week 3 the timer will be reduced to 1 hour per pick.
  • Starting at the kick-off of Preseason Week 4 the timer will be reduced to 15 minutes per pick. (Additional efforts may be made by the Commissioner in order to ensure drafts are completed before Week 1 regular season)

The format for drafting in following years for Slam’s World will remain the same; however, the Dynasty rookie drafts will be done as standard drafts as opposed to an email draft. As these leagues are focused on long-term play they will use the previous season’s results to set draft order. In this case they will be subject to a draft lotto system in an attempt to discourage participants from tanking their season in order to obtain a better draft pick in the following year. Draft lotteries will use this table to assign draft positions (also used for the mid-year redraft).

The remaining 9 drafts will be broken into two days with the first group of drafts taking place on a Sunday and the remaining drafts taking place on the following Saturday. Live drafts will be subject to a 1 minute per pick timer with the exception being the Best Ball league, which will have a 30 second pick timer. The times for these drafts will be provided as part of the league draw announcement (see schedule page). No set order is given as there will be a need to balance timing between drafts with varied length.

The draft orders for each league will be announced on the same day as the league draw announcement. Randomized draft orders will be given in an attempt to ensure that no participants will be drafting in the same slot in more than one league. For example, if Player A is randomly assigned Pick #1 in the Traditional League, that player will not receive Pick #1 in any other league that year. This is done in an attempt to avoid an advantage caused by gaining multiples picks in a particular draft spot. The only exception would be overlap caused by the Slam’s World and Dynasty leagues, which use placement in the previous year to set draft order.

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